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Convert your Word documents to PDF format for easy sharing, printing, and archiving with our Word to PDF converter. Whether you have reports, essays, or business documents in Word, our converter ensures accurate conversion while preserving the layout, formatting, and fonts. Transform your Word files into universally compatible PDF documents that can be viewed on any device without any compatibility issues. Enjoy the benefits of secure and accessible PDF files by converting your Word documents with our reliable and efficient converter.

Easy and fast conversion
Simply drag-and-drop and convert Word to PDF quickly. No file size limitations and no registration required to use our Word to PDF tool.
Your files are Secure with us
We take security seriously. All our file transfers are secured with SSL encryption. We always delete all files automatically from our servers.
Works on all platforms
Our Word to PDF converter works on all types of devices – regardless of, if you use Windows, Mac or Linux.
Best possible quality
Word to PDF conversion can be challenging. To ensure best quality of PDF conversion, we deploy the best technologies to achieve the desired results.
Convert a PDF to Word really fast
Fast and easy with FacePdf Word to PDF tool to convert files online. Go for it!
All happens in the cloud
To convert Word to PDF our servers are in the cloud, which do all the processing while you sit back and enjoy the ride.
How to convert Word to PDF online:
  1. Upload your file to our online Word to PDF tool.
  2. FacePdf will start the extraction process.
  3. If you have uploaded a scanned document, FacePdf OCR engine will kick-in.
  4. Wait for the converter to complete and download your Word file.


How can I convert a Word document to PDF using the Word to PDF tool?

Converting a Word document to PDF is simple with our Word to PDF tool. Just upload your Word document, and our tool will convert it to a PDF file, preserving the layout, formatting, and content of the original document.

Will the converted PDF maintain the hyperlinks and bookmarks present in the Word document?

Yes, our Word to PDF tool ensures that hyperlinks and bookmarks present in the Word document are retained in the converted PDF. Users can click on hyperlinks and navigate through bookmarks within the PDF as they would in the Word document.

Does the Word to PDF tool support batch conversion of multiple Word documents?

Yes, our Word to PDF tool supports batch processing, allowing you to convert multiple Word documents to PDF simultaneously. Simply upload the desired Word files, and the tool will convert them to PDFs in a single batch process.

Can I protect the converted PDF with a password using the Word to PDF tool?

Yes, our Word to PDF tool provides an option to add password protection to the converted PDF. You can set a password to restrict access and ensure the security of the PDF document.

Is it possible to adjust the settings and customize the output PDF during the conversion process?

While our Word to PDF tool automatically converts Word documents to PDF with default settings, it also offers customization options. You can adjust settings such as page size, orientation, compression, and more, to tailor the output PDF according to your preferences.