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Unlock password-protected PDF files and regain full access to their contents using our online PDF unlocker. If you have a password-protected PDF for which you've forgotten or lost the password, our tool can assist you. Simply upload the PDF file, and our tool will remove the password protection, allowing you to access and utilize the PDF freely. Unlocking PDFs enables you to perform edits, copy content, and extract information without restrictions. Regain control over your PDF files with our reliable and secure PDF unlocking solution.

Quickly remove PDF password
We can remove your password-protected PDF file of its access. Your PDF will be unlocked and ready for download straight away with our Unlock PDF tool.
Safe handling of your docs
We take the privacy of your documents seriously. All our file transfers are secured with SSL encryption. We always delete all files automatically from our servers.
Available all popular platforms
Our Unlock PDF tool works on all platforms, regardless of which Operating System you are using – Mac, Windows, or Linux.
Most PDFs are able to be unlocked
Unlock PDF files with a user password can be easy. However, it can present a real challenge if the file has some sort of special encryption.
Fast Unlock PDF from password online
You don’t need to register or install any software. It does not cost a penny to you, as it is all free.
Unlock happens in the cloud
Our servers that process your files are located in the cloud, and your computer capacity will not be burdened at all.
How to remove password from PDF files:
  1. Upload your password-protected PDF to our Unlock PDF tool.
  2. After the document is added, enter the correct password.
  3. Press "Unlock" for the unlocking to begin.
  4. Download to access unlocked file.


Can I remove the password protection from any PDF using the Unlock PDF tool?

Yes, our Unlock PDF tool allows you to remove the password protection from password-protected PDF files, granting full access to the document.

Will the Unlock PDF tool work if I don't have the password for a protected PDF?

No, the Unlock PDF tool requires the correct password in order to remove the password protection from a PDF. Without the password, the tool cannot unlock or decrypt the protected document.

Can I unlock multiple password-protected PDF files simultaneously using the Unlock PDF tool?

Yes, our Unlock PDF tool supports batch unlocking, allowing you to remove password protection from multiple PDF files at once, streamlining the process for efficiency.

Does the Unlock PDF tool modify the content or structure of the PDF in any way?

No, the Unlock PDF tool does not modify the content or structure of the PDF. It simply removes the password protection, leaving the document intact and accessible.

Is it possible to recover a lost or forgotten password for a protected PDF using the Unlock PDF tool?

No, the Unlock PDF tool is designed to remove password protection from PDFs for which you have the correct password. It cannot recover or crack lost or forgotten passwords.