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Add Text, Shapes, Comments, and Highlights for Free

Take control of your PDF documents with our powerful online PDF editor. Edit your PDF files effortlessly by adding text, shapes, comments, and highlights. Make annotations, correct errors, or enhance readability with ease. Our intuitive interface allows you to modify the content and appearance of your PDFs without the need for complex software. Preserve the integrity of your original documents while making necessary changes. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing your PDFs and optimizing them according to your requirements. Start editing PDFs for free and unlock a world of possibilities

Remove, change or add text
The FacePdf edit PDF tool allows you easily to change text, shapes, images, fonts, and annotations in any PDF. Import files direct from your computer and you can start.
User friendly PDF editor
Our user-friendly PDF editor is designed with an interface that makes it easy for anyone to edit PDFs or documents. Apart from adding text, you can modify your PDF as per the required results.
Available all popular platforms
Our edit PDF tool works on all platforms, regardless of which Operating System you are using – Mac, Windows or Linux.
Safe handling of your docs
We prioritize the safe handling of your docs. We take the privacy of your documents seriously, securing all file transfers with SSL encryption. All files are automatically deleted from our servers.
To edit PDF
To edit PDFs, use the FacePdf edit PDF tool to add your signature style while ensuring the original formatting remains intact.
Edit in the cloud
Your editing takes place in the cloud and does not require any CPU processing capacity from your computer. It works on all popular browsers: Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.
How to edit PDF file online:
  1. Upload or drop the PDF file on the edit PDF tool.
  2. Modify your document as required.
  3. Use text, images, change fonts or colors.
  4. Press the "Apply" button to capture all your changes and download the output.


Can I edit the existing text within a PDF using the Edit PDF tool?

Yes, our Edit PDF tool allows you to edit the text within a PDF document, giving you the flexibility to make changes, corrections, or updates to the content.

What types of elements can I add to a PDF using the Edit PDF tool?

With our Edit PDF tool, you can add various elements such as text boxes, shapes, comments, and highlights to enhance the PDF document and convey your message effectively.

Can I change the font style and size in the PDF while editing?

Yes, you have the ability to change the font style, size, color, and other formatting options within the Edit PDF tool, allowing for consistent branding or improved readability.

Is it possible to delete or remove certain elements or pages from a PDF using the Edit PDF tool?

Absolutely. Our Edit PDF tool provides the option to delete or remove unwanted elements, pages, or sections from the PDF document, allowing you to streamline the content and focus on what's necessary.

Does the Edit PDF tool support undo and redo functionality?

Yes, the Edit PDF tool includes undo and redo functionality, enabling you to revert any changes or redo previous actions, ensuring a smooth and flexible editing experience.