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    Combine multiple PDF files into a single, organized document with our online PDF merger. Whether you need to merge reports, presentations, or other PDF files, our tool simplifies the process. Upload your files, arrange them in the desired order, and merge them into a single PDF document. Our merger preserves the original formatting, bookmarks, and hyperlinks, ensuring a seamless reading experience. Enjoy the convenience of managing your PDFs effectively and improving workflow efficiency. Merge your PDF files effortlessly and create a cohesive document in just a few clicks.

    Easy online tool to combine PDFs
    Our merge PDF tool allows you to quickly merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF document. No registration required to use our service.
    Safe PDF merging online
    All your files will be permanently deleted from our servers. We do not look at them or mine any data from them.
    Works on all platforms
    Merge PDF tool works on all devices - the operating system you use: Mac, Windows or Linux does not matter.
    Simple PDF combining
    By dragging pages you are able to re-arrange them or delete single pages. In addition, you can add more PDFs and merge them into one single document.
    Excellent service for results
    No file size limitations and you don’t have need to register or install any software. It does not cost a penny to you, as it is all free.
    Happens in the cloud
    Our servers that process your files are located in the cloud and your computer capacity will not be burdened at all. So sit back and let us do the driving.
    How to merge PDF files online:
    1. Upload your PDFs on to our site.
    2. Arrange individual pages or entire files as per your needs.
    3. Add extra files, rotate or delete files, as you desire.
    4. Click ‘Merge PDF’ to combine and download your output.


    How many PDF files can I merge into a single document?

    Our Merge PDF tool supports merging multiple PDF files into a single document, accommodating a significant number of files. However, very large files or an excessive number of files may impact processing time.

    Can I rearrange the pages within the merged PDF document?

    Yes, you can easily rearrange the pages within the merged PDF document using our intuitive interface. Simply drag and drop the pages to the desired order.

    Is there a limit to the total size of the merged PDF document?

    While we strive to accommodate large merged PDF documents, there may be limitations based on server capacity and processing capabilities. It's advisable to check the specific tool's guidelines or contact support for any large file requirements.

    Does the Merge PDF tool support password-protected PDF files?

    Yes, our Merge PDF tool can handle password-protected PDF files. However, you will need to enter the password for each protected file during the merging process.

    Can I merge PDF files of different sizes or orientations?

    Absolutely. Our Merge PDF tool can seamlessly merge PDF files of varying sizes, orientations, and layouts, creating a cohesive combined document.