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Reduce the file size of your PDF documents without compromising quality using our online PDF compressor. Our tool employs advanced compression algorithms to significantly shrink the size of your PDFs while maintaining excellent visual fidelity. Compressed PDFs are easier to share, upload, and store, saving valuable storage space and bandwidth. With just a few clicks, you can optimize your PDFs for efficient digital distribution without sacrificing readability or clarity. Experience the benefits of faster file transfers and improved document management with our reliable PDF compression tool.

How to compress PDF
Upload your PDF file on our Compress PDF tool, wait for the compression to complete and download your file.
Full Security and Privacy
All your files will be permanently deleted from our servers. We do not look at them or mine any data from them.
Many platforms supported
FacePdf uses browser-based technologies and works on most popularly used platforms: Windows, Mac or Linux.
Quality Perfection
Shrink your PDF files to 144 dpi which makes it optimal for uploading files to the Web or send via email.
Ease of use
The file size limit is unlimited. With large PDFs, it might take a few seconds longer for our Compress PDF tool to work.
In the cloud
All the file processing takes place in the cloud, on our servers and so it will not require any CPU processing capacity from your computer.
How to Compress PDF online:
  1. Upload your file to our Compress PDF tool.
  2. FacePdf will automatically start to compress the file.
  3. Modify your PDF document, if needed.
  4. Download the compressed PDF file to your computer.


How does the Compress PDF tool reduce the file size of a PDF?

Our Compress PDF tool optimizes the file size of a PDF by employing advanced compression algorithms that maintain the quality and readability of the document while reducing its overall size.

Will compressing a PDF affect the visual quality of the document?

Our Compress PDF tool ensures that the visual quality of the document is preserved while reducing the file size. The compression is applied intelligently to minimize any noticeable impact on the quality of text, images, or graphics.

Are there any limitations on the file size or number of pages that can be compressed?

Our Compress PDF tool can handle PDF files of varying sizes and page counts. However, very large files or files with an excessive number of pages may take longer to process

Can I choose the level of compression applied to the PDF file?

Yes, our Compress PDF tool provides different compression options, allowing you to choose the level of compression that suits your needs. You can strike a balance between file size reduction and maintaining the desired quality

Can I compress password-protected PDF files using the Compress PDF tool?

Yes, you can compress password-protected PDF files with the Compress PDF tool, provided that you have the necessary passwords to access and process the files.