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Convert webpages in HTML format to PDF files with high accuracy using our HTML to PDF converter. Capture the content, layout, and design of webpages and save them as PDF documents for offline reading, archiving, or sharing. Our converter ensures precise conversion while maintaining the integrity of the webpage, including text, images, hyperlinks, and formatting. Experience the convenience of converting webpages into portable and universally accessible PDF files with our reliable HTML to PDF converter.

Easy & Fast conversion
The most commonly used online tool to convert your HTML to PDF documents for sharing and storage, easily.
Secure conversion
All your uploaded and processes files will be deleted from our server. It’s all about privacy and security at FacePdf.
Platform independent
We can convert HTML to PDF across most platforms, regardless of which Operating System you are using –Mac, Windows or Linux.
HTML to PDF in a hurry
Your URL is easily converted. The converted PDF will look exactly the way you want without the need to choose any other options.
Create a PDF with one click
Enter the URL, we quickly convert your HTML to PDF and our servers do all the work for you. Simple and easy!
Convert in the cloud
Your HTML to PDF conversion takes place in the cloud and so it will not require any CPU processing capacity from your computer.
How to convert HTML to PDF online:
  1. Enter URL to the HTML to PDF converter.
  2. Wait as the tool processes the HTML to PDF format.
  3. Download the file or share or save the file.


How can I convert an HTML webpage to a PDF using the HTML to PDF tool?

With our HTML to PDF tool, you can convert an HTML webpage to a PDF by entering the URL of the webpage. The tool will retrieve the content of the web page and convert it into a PDF file.

Can I convert local HTML files stored on my computer to PDF using the HTML to PDF tool?

Yes, our HTML to PDF tool supports the conversion of local HTML files. Simply upload the HTML file from your computer, and the tool will convert it into a PDF document.

Does the HTML to PDF conversion retain the styling and formatting of the webpage?

The HTML to PDF tool attempts to preserve the styling and formatting of the webpage during the conversion process. However, complex or advanced CSS styles may not be fully replicated in the resulting PDF. It's recommended to review the PDF and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the desired appearance.

Can I specify additional options or parameters for the HTML to PDF conversion?

Yes, our HTML to PDF tool provides various options and parameters to customize the conversion process. You can specify page size, orientation, margins, header and footer content, and more, to tailor the PDF output according to your requirements.

Are interactive elements of the HTML page, such as forms or JavaScript functionality, preserved in the converted PDF?

The HTML to PDF conversion process focuses on capturing the visual content of the webpage. While basic interactivity, such as hyperlinks, may be preserved in the PDF, more advanced features like forms or JavaScript functionality may not be replicated in the converted PDF document.