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Add a professional touch to your PDF documents by watermarking them with our online PDF watermark tool. Whether you want to mark documents as confidential, indicate ownership, or add branding elements, our tool allows you to easily apply text or image watermarks. Customize the position, transparency, and appearance of the watermark to suit your preferences. Watermarking ensures that your PDFs remain protected and clearly identifiable. Enhance the visual integrity and professionalism of your documents by adding watermarks with ease using our user-friendly tool.

Quickly watermark PDF
Watermark is inserted within the PDF document. Your PDF will be watermarked with an image or text and ready for download straightaway with our Watermark PDF tool.
Safe handling of your docs
We take the privacy of your documents seriously. All our file transfers are secured with SSL encryption. We always delete all files automatically from our servers.
Available all popular platforms
Our Watermark PDF tool works on all platforms, regardless of which Operating System you are using – Mac, Windows or Linux.
Most PDFs are able to be watermarked
PDF files with a user password can be watermarked easily. However, it can present a real challenge, if the file has some sort of special encryption.
Fast Watermark PDF online
You don’t have need to register or install any software to use our Watermark PDF tool. It does not cost a penny to you, as it is all free.
Watermark in the cloud
Our servers that process your files are located in the cloud and your computer capacity will not be burdened at all.
How to insert watermark on PDF files:
  1. To add a text-based watermark, click "Text" and enter the text. Adjust the font, size and other settings as needed.
  2. To use an image as a watermark, click "Image," then "Browse" and find the image.
  3. Upload your PDF files that need to be watermarked to our Watermark PDf tool.
  4. Download to access watermarked PDF files.


How can I add a watermark to my PDF using the Watermark PDF tool?

Our Watermark PDF tool allows you to add a watermark to your PDF by either selecting a pre-defined text watermark or uploading a custom image watermark. You can position the watermark anywhere on the document.

Can I customize the appearance of the watermark, such as its opacity or size?

Yes, our Watermark PDF tool provides customization options for the appearance of the watermark. You can adjust the opacity, size, rotation, and other attributes to achieve the desired visual effect.

Is it possible to add multiple watermarks to a single PDF using the Watermark PDF tool?

Yes, our Watermark PDF tool supports adding multiple watermarks to a single PDF document. You can add both text and image watermarks, allowing for various branding or copyright protection needs.

Will the watermark affect the readability of the content in the PDF?

No, the watermark is designed to be transparent and unobtrusive, allowing the content of the PDF to remain readable. You can adjust the opacity and positioning of the watermark to ensure it does not interfere with the document's legibility.

Can I remove or modify the watermark after it has been added to the PDF?

Once the watermark has been added to the PDF using our tool, it becomes a permanent part of the document. To remove or modify the watermark, you would need to edit the PDF using appropriate tools.