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How to Add Number or Blank Pages to PDF
Upload your PDF file on our Add Pages to PDF tool, wait for the numbering to complete and download your file.
Full Security and Privacy
All your files will be permanently deleted from our servers. We do not look at them or mine any data from them.
Many platforms supported
FacePdf uses browser-based technologies and works on most popularly used platforms: Windows, Mac or Linux.
Quality Perfection
We don't compromise on quality and your PDF file will be numbered exactly as you want.
Ease of Use
You can easily number the pages of a PDF file online with a few simple clicks
In the cloud
All the file processing takes place on client side, so you have full authority of it.
How to Add Numbers to a PDF file online:
  1. Upload your file to our Add Pages to PDF tool.
  2. Select where on the page you would like the numbers to appear.
  3. Press Number PDF button to start the conversion.
  4. Download the Numbered PDF file to your computer.