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Easy and fast OCR
Simply drag-and-drop and the FacePdf PDF to Text tool uses Optical Character Recognition technologies. No file size limitations and no registration required to use our service.
Your files are Secure with us
We take security seriously. All our file transfers are secured with SSL encryption. We always delete all files automatically from our servers.
Works on all platforms
Our PDF to text converter works on all types of devices – regardless of, if you use Windows, Mac or Linux.
Best possible quality
OCR can be challenging. To ensure best quality output, we deploy the best technologies to achieve the desired results.
PDF to Text really fast
Easily convert PDF to text online. Have a go!
All happens in the cloud
Our servers are in the cloud, which do all the processing while you sit back and enjoy the ride.
How to convert PDF to text online:
  1. Upload your file to our PDF to Text tool.
  2. FacePdf will start the extraction process, with its OCR engine.
  3. Download the converted text file to your computer.