Retail Store Data

Gain visibility of your retail market with some relevant scrapping data. It will give you an idea of the store opening, closures, services, subsidiaries, competitors, and many more things. This retail information will give you an analysis of successfully running details stores.


What we can do for you

We can provide you with the scrapping data of Retail Store locations so that you can get some real knowledge of competitive prices, and market trends, from different sources. Retailers can plan their advertising and promotions with these aspects.


Just monitor all things carefully about the competition and go with major insights to stay in a tough and challenging market.

Increased visibility

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Know your customer

Collect some relevant data from your customers to know about their needs, demands, and the running products in the market.

Business Innovation

To stay in the retail market, try to find some innovations in the retail industry like data mining, mobile apps, supply chains, and some more.

Retail data that we

We will provide you with the details of the competitor’s location and how to establish your market there. Our information will be relevant and accurate to meet your basic requirements. You will get the details in the structured format you want, and we will also bring you the contact details of the business associated near you.

Store location data

Knowing Competitor's locations will help to establish a retail market and this information will be available from some relevant websites over the Internet.

List of data feeds

Get brief details of your competitors like hours of operation, email ID, contact details, store name, store ID, products, and many more.

Geographical data

Get precise geographical data like longitude, city, postal codes, number of stores, and some more.

Services provided

Get information on the services and amenities provided by other outlets.


FacePdf will provide you scrapped data of the location of your competitors. The data we provide will be 100% accurate which will help to make the further decision easily. Our latest technology will make the whole data different from other websites and convert them properly into a structured form.

  • Product name
  • Ratings
  • Price
  • Stock availability
  • Stock availability
  • Brand Name
  • Category
  • Images

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