Recruitment Data

The customized scrapping service will provide you with everything about job-related data sources over the Internet. It gives information on the candidate’s profile, job listings, candidates looking for a job, company’s profile, skills, hiring location, and many more. The scrapped information will help you build your job portal feed.


What we can do for you

We are providing you the accurate information so that you can continuously monitor your growth. The information like Job portals, company profile, resume, candidate profile, company review, and many more. So just take your move before your competitor does and build your job portal filled with the updated data.

Obtain structured job data

Get the latest and refined job data across the web and just turn web data into data sources. As it helps to get them clean and refined data on your schedule.

Feed your recruitment process

The recruitment process will get convenient with enriched data. There will be always an advantage of talent sourcing.

Get the latest updates for new job openings

The data will always keep you updated with all the latest job openings so that you can make changes. It will also remove the old jobs from time to time.

Focus on obtaining new talent

The best hiring can be done only if you have sufficient data feed in your CRM. So, you will get exactly the things you are searching for and can analyse hiring trends, salary trends, and many more.

Recruitment data that
we provide

We provide the latest data on new job listings, candidate profiles, salary trends, hiring trends, company reviews, professional skills, and many things. As we have the latest technology that always meets the requirements of our customers.

Job listing data

You will get the latest job vacancies that you can update on your portal to remain updated. Just arrange the aggregate data in structured form for effective use.

Most searched location data

With the help of an analytical system, you can easily find when new jobs are getting posted. It helps to optimize the complete process of lead generation.

Candidates resume

There will be thousands of resumes that will ensure that your business will get the best talent. So just feed all the data in your job portal for effective talent sourcing.

Demanding Skills

You will get to know about the most demanding skills in the market and reach directly to the candidates having those skills. As it helps to reach the right talent without wasting time.


FacePdf are providing the scrapping data of job portals, candidate profiles, and many more to make your business effective. Here, we are using the latest technology so that data cannot get manipulated and users will always get unique and relevant data.

  • Company’s name
  • Job profile
  • Candidates
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Description
  • Number of openings
  • Skills
  • Salary

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